Al-Bashir Affirms Government Keenness to Continue Collection of Weapons

SDN. Khartoum


President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, affirmed that the government will press ahead in collection of illegal firearms in Darfur States and other states of Sudan so as the weapons be only in hands of the state and that the government is responsible for providing protection to people and their properties and maintaining security and stability in the country.

President Al-Bashir, who was addressing in the Friendship Hall in Khartoum Monday the West Darfur State’s Development Campaign has called for continuation of the campaigns, disclosing that most of educational and health institutions were built by people’ support through the authentic Sudanese “ Nafeer” value.

He reiterated the government commitment to quadruple funds the people for development in the State , commending efforts of government of West Darfur State.

President Al-Bashir received a document of allegiance from leading figures of West Darfur State through which they expressed support to the program of the sate government and the nomination of President Al-Bashir for a new presidential term in 2020 elections.

The Wali (governor) of West Darfur State, Hussein Yassin Hamad, has affirmed stability of security situation in the state and lauded the security organs for maintaining security in the state , asserting the importance of collection of weapons.

He said that the objective of Nafeer is to establish development and services projects in the state.

It is to be noted that cash and in-kind donations were extended by companies and citizens of West Darfur State for the State Development Campaign. SUNA

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