Parliament urges for exertion of more efforts to reduce inflation rates

SDN. Khartoum


The Financial and Economic Affairs Committee of the National Assembly has called for the adoption of short and long term policies and measures to be included in the budget, 2019. In its report on the Ministry of Finance’s statement on the performance of the ministry for the period of April-September of this year, the 2019 plan and the budget performance report for the same period, the committee called for the necessity to exert more efforts to reduce inflation hastily by following deflationary policies in the current state spending. The committee urging control of exchange rate of the national currency and stoppage of cash expansion by solving the problem of cash shortage. The committee called for reducing the import of wheat and searching for less expensive alternatives such as mixed flour. It also called for the importance of reviewing import policies and issuing the necessary legislation to review tax exemptions. For his part, the State Minister at the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning Mustafa Hawley explained that the annual budget and performance reports were partial issues to analyze the economic track and assess the digital aspects to develop treatments for deviations, appreciating the report of the Committee which reflected the reality of the economic and financial situation in the country, pointing to the gap in the foreign exchange and the low flow of oil from Southern Sudan State. The members of the National Assembly called on the Ministry of Finance to control the policies of the ministry and work to resolve the current crisis, calling for the establishment of an economic conference to review the economic situation and the importance of reliance on the domestic resources.

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