Canada expresses its desire to invest in oil and minerals

SDN. Khartoum

The Minister of Oil, Gas and Minerals Azhari Abdul-Gadir has welcomed Canada’s desire to invest in oil, gas and minerals in Sudan, stressing that the doors will remain open to all those desiring to invest in the oil and minerals sector in the country. This came during a meeting with the Canadian Charge d’affaires in Khartoum Adrian Norfolk, who discussed with him the possibility of Canadian companies entering to Sudan to work in oil and minerals. The Minister of Oil, Gas and Minerals enumerated the opportunities and potentials of the Sudan in oil and mineral resources. He pointed out that there existed blocks for investment in the field of oil and gas, stressing the ministry’s readiness to provide the necessary assistance to the Canadian companies desiring to invest in the country, referring to the Sudan’s role in re-pumping the oil of the State of Southern Sudan, which reflected positively on both countries. For his part, the ChargĂ© d’Affaires of Canada said, “We look forward to cooperation with Sudan in the fields of oil, gas and minerals.”, extending invitation to the minister to participate in oil and mineral conferences in Canada next year, pointing out that Sudan enjoys oil and mineral resources, explaining that his country organized a seminar on minerals in Sudan in the past, pointing out to its desire for more cooperation and exchange of experiences in the field of policies and laws governing the work of oil and minerals.

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