Government persists to deliver assistance from Khartoum

SDN. Khartoum

khalid sir

Talks on the two areas peace kicked off Sunday between Sudanese government and SPLM-N- al-Hilu faction in Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa.

Observers expect the current round to achieve great progress as al-Hilu has the power and controlling many military holds in the region.

“ we wouldn’t accept cessation of hostilities that restrain movement of citizens in conflict areas but rather a deal that can lead to inclusive peace”, a government delegation member on the last peace round disclosed .

“SPLM-N delegation wants to enjoy cessation of hostilities for humanitarian purposes to benefit from assistance delivered to the region especially the food stuffs”. The source who spoke in anonymity added. “Government persists to deliver aid assistance from Khartoum”, he reminded.

The source noted that government’s vision is to keep a unified army and will not accept any other army on the country’s territories.

He went on to say ‘SPLM-N asked the African mediator to invalidate outcomes of the last round on pretext that Yasir Arman and Malik Agar have spilt from the movement , yet government has rejected the proposal and persisted to begin the talks from the point reached on the last round.



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