PM meets delegation of Moroccan Managem Mining Company

SDN. Khartoum

The PM Muttaz Mousa, Wednesday received in his office a delegation of the Moroccan Managem Mining Company and got informed on its projects in Sudan. The company’s delegation was headed by its president, Yousif Al-Hagam. Present at the meeting was the Ambassador of Morocco to Sudan, Mohamed Ma-Ainain

In a press statement, Al-Hagam said that the company obtains privilege gold exploration contracts for mining in Sudan since the year 2009, explaining that the company was able to get an important gold reserve at northern Abu-Hamad area. He indicated that the company has established an initial project to produce 800 kilograms of gold per year, referring to the company’ project which aim to produce two tons of gold per year and another project to produce four tons of gold per year in the near future

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