Saddiq Al Mahdi arrives in Addis Ababa and launches negotiations

SDN. Khartoum

The Head of Sudanese National Umma Party Sadiq Al Mahdi arrived on Wednesday morning in Ethiopia Addis- Ababa at the time of negotiations on Darfur region, after a delay of two days due to technical and logistical reasons.

The Sudanese Government and the Sudan Liberation Movement led by Minni Arko Minawi, Justice and Equality Movement led by Jibril Ibrahim they signed a pre-Doha agreement at the German Foreign Ministry in Berlin.

The agreement provides for resumption of negotiations, so that the Doha Agreement for Darfur Peace is to be the basis for negotiations, with a commitment to discuss all issues that the two movements see as needed to search for achieve a comprehensive and sustainable peace in Darfur.

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