President Bashir says Sudan will continue contribution in Coalition in Yemen

President Omar al-Bashir said Sudan will continue its contribution in Saudi-led Arab coalition to support legitimacy in Yemen and called for further co-operation between the Saudi and Sudanese armies

” the security of the two Holy Mosques is a red line and Sudan is undertaking a sacred duty’, stressed al-Bashir in a meeting with visiting Chief of the General Staff of the Saudi Armed Forces Fayyad Al-Ruwaili Tuesday

Bashir underlined the need to bolster cooperation between the two armies, mainly in the fields of training, development and joint military exercises.

Sudanese General Kamal Abdul-Maarouf, the Chief of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said following the meeting that the Saudi military official’s visit came during “very complex conditions, in which the Red Sea region faces great challenges.”

He reminded that the Sudanese armed forces were carrying out a crucial role as they are taking part in the coalition  pointing that Saudi Arabia highly respects this.


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