Federal Umma Party withdraws from National Consensus Government

The Sudanese Federal Umma Party Sunday announced withdrawal from government and pulling its representatives from executive and legislative positions.
In the meantime, the party’s representative at government, Omer Suleiman who hold office of ‘Minister of Culture and Tourism refused to present his resignation and declared split from his party and joined ruling National Congress Party NCP.

The move comes amid nationwide protests against Bashir’s regime prompted by government’s decision to triple prices of bread.
Party leader Ahmed Babiker Nahar said during a conference at the party’s headquarter yesterday that Bashir must step and transitional government must be set up.
“We have been calling for government to abstain from using lethal force against peaceful demonstrators but our calls were neglected”, Nahar stressed.
Earlier this month, representatives of National Umma Party faction led by Mubarak al-Fadil presented their resignations from Parliament and states’ legislative councils. Al-Fadil demanded Bashir to transfer power to a transitional government that would fix date for presidential elections.
Since 19 December, Sudan have been witnessing nationwide protests triggered by government’s decision to raise prices of bread and have since morphed into Calls for Bashir to step down.

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