SPA calls for silence-stand before the Judiciary

Sudanese Professionals Association SPA has called for a silence-stand before the Judiciary on Tuesday protesting violations against demonstrators.
Public prosecutor, Omer Ahmed reportedly held a meeting with legislative, human rights and security Committees in parliament on the recent protests
“Public attorney is the sole body that have jurisdiction to probe recent incidents”, he told reporters.
SPA who spearheading protests and opposition alliance confirmed in joint statement death of three activists as a result of torture, yet the Sudanese authorities opened investigations to authenticate the claims
Protests took to streets Monday in Khartoum and twin city of Omdurman where riot police dispersed them with tear gas, witness told Agent France-press
Different parts in Sudan have witnessing protests triggered by government decision to triple prices of bread
Protests started on December 19 have now left 30 people killed in clashes between protesters and security forces according to government statistics while human rights groups like amnesty international put the death toll at more than 51.

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