Sudan’s Bashir orders release of detained journalists

Sudan’s President Omer al-Bashir on Wednesday appeared to soften previous stance on anti-government protests saying “economic hardships coupled with misapplication of Public Order Act aggravated anger among youth and drove them to protests”
“Most of the protesters are young and there are reasons that led them to take to the streets, including inflation, which significantly affected prices of necessities-and unemployment that faces graduates”, Bashir told journalists invited to the Guest House to discuss current events.
Bashir ordered release of all journalists who have been detained in association with the ongoing protests
He also said young people’s anger was fuelled by the “misapplication” of Sudan’s public order act. The morality laws have been criticized by human rights bodies as they put constraints on freedom of women by, for example, portray it a crime for a woman to wear trousers.
The nearly-30 years ruler alluded to plan to establish a committee to be headed by acceptable national personality tasked with drafting Sudan permanent constitution, stressing they will be open-minded with whoever wants peace and eligible to solve the country’s political and economic crisis .
Bashir pointed to what had happened in Libya and the state of chaos been experienced since 2011 saying “we don’t want our country to slip down like other countries”
Doctors, teachers, activists and students across the country take to the streets on daily basis demonstrations against economic hardships, limits in fuel and cash and a hike in basic necessities
Protests erupted in December 19 has left 30 people dead in protest related-violence according to government official while human rights group like amnesty international put the death toll at 51

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