State will not put up with nepotism, Sudan’s chief spy says

Chief of the Sudanese National Intelligence and Security Services NISS, General Salah Abdullah Gosh on Saturday said all Sudanese regular forces are backing “legitimacy” and they will not allow the country to slide in” chaos”.
“The only one way to change government is through ballot boxes”, Gosh stressed in a briefing to NISS officers in Khartoum.
He emphasized necessity of hearing youths’ issues and what he has called “legitimate” demands vowing to seek measures to resolve them
The top intelligence official elaborated “Sudan could accommodate all Sudanese and there will be no room for “nepotism” in the coming phase”. Reminding, the State will not hesitate in dealing decisively with drag footers regardless of their positions within the state hierarchy.
Gosh called for a new approach to sort out crisis facing the country, noting the current generation was midwifed by the National Salvation Revolution and they have legitimate demands that should be met.

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