Sudan’s Intelligence releases reporters detained in protests

The National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS) on Saturday released 11 journalists arrested during the popular protests. Sudanese Media Center SMC reported.
The NISS has taken such move honoring President Bashir’s words at the Guest House in Khartoum last week where he delivered speech to a gathering of journalists and media men and pledged to release all jailed journalists
Among the released journalists was Iman Osman, editor in Chief of al-Maidan newspaper, the Sudanese Communist Party’s mouthpiece
Deputy Chairman of Sudanese journalists union expressed appreciations over the NISS gesture, saying “it’s a clear manifestation of respect to journalism profession and it will lead to more stability”
State minister of Information, Mamoun Hassan Ibrahim said in an earlier time that all journalists detained during the unrest will be released soon
Since the eruption of protests, several journalists have experienced detention according to the Sudanese Journalists Network where the number of detained journalists reached 13 among them, Adam Mahdi who has been sentenced to 3 month jail in accordance with emergency Act in South Darfur state.
Protests broke on December 19 were first triggered by government decision to triple prices of bread but now morphed into nation-wide demonstrations with participants calling for Bashir ousting.
According to government official 31 people have been killed in protest-related violence while Human Rights Watch puts the death toll at more than 50

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