Sudan denies existence of 300 corpses in morgues due to ongoing protests

Health authorities in Khartoum state on Monday dismissed news circulating on social media platforms claiming existence of 300 unidentified bodies in Khartoum Academic hospital’s morgue.
“Such news is baseless and were meant to create panic among families and community”, statement by Khartoum health ministry said.
“The hospital’s morgue can only accommodate 26 bodies”, read the statement.
It noted that all states’ morgues are free of any unidentified bodies.
Some activists have circulated news on social media outlets claiming existence of 300 unidentified corpses in morgue of academic hospital in Khartoum saying all of them are victims of ongoing protests in country.
On December 19 popular protests erupted in different parts across the country triggered by government decision to triple prices of bread.
Demonstrations first sparked on economic and livelihood grounds have now morphed into nation-wide demonstrations with protesters calling for Bashir to step down
Government officials say 31 people have been killed in protests-related violence while rights group like Human Rights Watch put the death toll at more than 51

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