Sudan’s Presidency, ruling NCP reject all calls for interim government

Ruling National Congress Party NCP on Monday said it rejects all calls for establishment of transitional government saying it just adheres to elections in 2020.
“ the Sudanese people are the ones who decide who will rule them through the due elections of 2020”, the presidential assistant and NCP’s deputy chairman said to a crowd in west Darfur state.
Faisal Hassan Ibrahim recalled a pre-stance for his government that “protests, slogans, sabotage and foreign agenda’ can’t achieve change, dubbing the calls to form interim government as “illusions”.
Ibrahim lambasted the ongoing demonstrations describing them as “leap in the dark”, saying protesters seek to coffin outcomes of the national dialogue.
Last month, the Sudanese Professionals Association SPA, the National Consensus Alliance, the Sudan Call and the Unionist Gathering inked the Declaration of Freedom and Change pursuing the removal of the current regime and formation of interim government.
Sudan is witnessing popular protests broke out on December 19th prompted by government’s decision to triple prices of bread.
Nearly-two month’s protests have left 31 people dead so far according to government’s statistics while rights groups like Human Rights Watch put the death toll at more than 51.

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