Sudan: no torture complains received by Parliament, lawmaker says

Security and Defense Committee at Sudanese parliament said that popular protests plagued the country have legitimate demands that must be considered by government.
No torture complains by any Sudanese citizen or any other legal entity was filed so far the course of protests, it added.
“We have been waiting for the course of investigations being undertaken by judicial bodies to submit their findings to the concerned authorities”, said the committee’s chairman in statements Tuesday.
Al-Hadi Adam Hamid who is a retired General in Sudan’s army warned of attempts by rebel groups to take advantages of the ongoing protests to impose their agenda saying “these groups have been working since 2003 but they realized no tangible reality”
Sudan is rocked by a wave of protests erupted in December 19
Government statistics say 31 people have been killed in protests-related violence while Human Rights Watch put the number at more 51

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