Ghazi Salah Aldin selected Chairperson of opposition NFC

The Sudan’s opposition National Front for Change NFC has elected Mr. Ghazi Salah Aldin as chairperson for the front’s Presidential Council.
The National Front for Change’s General Assembly on Tuesday conferred at the Reform Now Headquarters where a Presidential Council composed of ten persons and chaired by Ghazi Salah Aldin has been appointed.
The General Assembly also appointed Dr. Mohamed Eisa Eliwa, Dr. abdel-Ghadir Ibrahim and Ishraqa Sayed Mahmoud as Deputy Chairmen. Also Dr. Farah Agar was appointed as General Secretary for the Front and Hassan abdel-Hameed was as spokesperson and alternate secretary for information.
It’s worth mentioning that the National Front for Change emerged last month in a press conference, comprises more than 22 political entities.
During a conference on January, the front introduced a petition demanding formation of an interim Presidential council and dissolving the Federal government, state’s government, the national assembly and the council of states.

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