Sudan’s Opposition vows to topple the regime

Sudan’s major opposition groups on Wednesday sent first joint call for nearly-three decade ruler Bashir to step down.
“It’s time for current regime to resign to pave the way for a transitional government prior to hold fair and transparent elections”, a statement by the opposition said.
The opposition forces who signed Freedom and Change Declaration along with the Sudanese Professionals Association SPA last month voiced support to the ongoing protests until the regime is removed from power.
“We welcome all national efforts and initiatives seeking to overthrow the regime and entrench pillars of democratic transform”, read the statement.
The opposition umbrella comprises the Sudanese Professionals Association SPA, the National Consensus Alliance Forces, the Sudan Call and the Unionist Gathering.
Sudan is witnessing large protests since December 19. The demonstration first broke out over ailing economy that made it difficult for ordinary Sudanese to meet daily necessities, have now morphed into nation-wide demonstrations with participants calling for Bashir ousting.
According to government statistics, 31 people have been killed during the protests but Human Rights Watch says more than 51 persons have been killed.

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