Opposition NUP demands trial of former First Vice President

Opposition National Umma Party (NUP) has watered down government’s threats to sue forces of Freedom and Change Alliance over ongoing anti-government protests.
Sudan’s acting minister of Information, Mamoun Hassan Ibrahim reportedly said authorities will take legal actions against those who involved in charges related with inciting for violence, political and intellectual terrorism and regime change by force.
In statement released on Monday, the opposition NUP demanded trial of former first vice president Ali Osman Mohamed Taha who threatened to confront the demonstrators by “shadow battalions.
“Opposition political forces are always find restrictions in practicing their activities”, the statement read adding the Republican Party is banned from practicing its activities without legal justification while authorities ignore illegal activities carried out by pro-government Islamic Movement.
Sudan is witnessing popular protests prompted by government dicsion to triple prices of bread
Since its break out in December 19, demonstrations have left 33 people dead in protest-related violence according to government statistics while rights groups and activists put the death toll at more than 51.

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