Sudan: Workers of Southern Port prevent government officials from entering containers Port

workers of cargo and unloading at Southern Port of containers in Port Sudan city eastern Sudan Wednesday prevented Presidential Assistant, and minister of transport from entering the Port.
Presidential assistant, Moussa Mohamed Ahmed and transport minister Hatim al-Sir were leading governmental efforts to relieve anger of southern Port’s workers who rejected the government’s latest move hiring the southern Port of containers to a Philippine company.
Workers were chanting slogans expressing their rejection to the agreement signed between government and the Philippine company.
The committee comprising presidential assistant, minister of transport, representative of finance ministry, representative of Security apparatus and others failed to meet with workers yesterday a matter which led prime minister to extend visit to Port Sudan for other two days.
A striker from the workers told the Press that they will not sit with any government officials until a decision revoking contract with Philippine Company is issued.
A concession contract was signed with the Philippine International Container Terminal Services ( ICTSI) for a period of 20 years for 530 million Euros of which 410 million Euros were paid and the rest of money to be paid in installments, plus monthly lease of million Euros to be increased later to 1.5 million Euros.
Baj News reported that Jalal Al-Din Mohamed Ahmed, the current undersecretary of ministry of transport, was re-appointed Director-General of the Sea Ports Authority after been out of office for one year.
Port Sudan’s Port which opened in 1909 is the largest and main sea port in country and cant accommodates 1.3 million containers annually.

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