Britain hopes Sudan will overcome current challenges

The First Vice-President of the Republic, General Awad bin Aouf, stressed the depth of bilateral relations between Sudan and UK, showing that Sudan hoped to develop these historical relations and strengthen the level of cooperation between the two countries in all areas, particularly in the areas of training and exchange of experiences and coordination in international forums to serve the goals of peace and stability in Sudan and in the region.
This occurred Wednesday at a meeting with the UK ambassador in Khartoum, in the presence of the British military attaché, with the UK ambassador, Irfan Siddiq, who examined a number of issues of mutual interest and ways to strengthen security and peace efforts in the region. The British ambassador expressed his country’s firm will to develop relations between the two countries in its historical, political, social and cultural dimensions, explaining his country’s efforts with the international community to help Sudan, while hoping that Sudan will overcome the current challenges and maintain the maintenance of security and stability.

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